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Motorcycles for Sale in Saudi Arabia


A motorcycle is a vehicle with two wheels, and a motor that powers it. It doesn't have pedals. Generally, motorcycles are designed based on the functions they are intended to carry. These functions include commuting, long-distance travel, and sports like racing, cruising, and off-road riding.

Below, we'll highlight the different types of motorcycles available. we'll also guide you to where you can get Suzuki motorcycles in Saudi Arabia price, Suzuki bike price in KSA, and car repair services.

Types of Motorcycles

There are several types of motorcycles. In this section, we’ll be looking at the most common types of motorcycles and some of their features.


This motorcycle type is one of the most common. It has a simple design and is suitable for all functions. It has a wide range of designs, and the cylinder size is from 125cc to 1000cc. You can equip it with a tank bag, a different seat, and luggage. It is usually not too big for beginners, and experienced riders find it exciting as well.


As the name implies, the cruiser was designed for cruising. The height of the seat is lower than the standard motorcycle. It also has an extra bit of luggage space, therefore, you can use it for a decent weekend ride or a quick trip.

Sports Bike

The sports bike is a motorcycle designed for agility and speed. They have forward-leaning ergonomics, which enables this motorcycle to navigate corners smoothly during riding. Generally, they are lighter than the other types of motorcycles because they are made from aluminum and other lighter materials. That bolsters its side-to-side maneuverability. A common example is the Suzuki GSXR600. 

Touring Motorcycle

The touring motorcycle as the name implies is designed specifically for tourers. It has a lot of cargo space so you can store your luggage. If you are interested in cross-country touring, this is the best motorcycle to cover that function. It possesses good ergonomics that permit you to ride for hours without discomfort.


Scooters are common in many countries. Even though the scooter is a controversial addition, they still perform the same function as standard bikes. They are mostly used in the city and areas with little speed. The capacity is variable, from 50cc to 500cc.

The other types of motorcycles include:

  • Crotch rocket.

  • Chopper.

  • Dirt bike.

  • Motocross.

  • Naked bike.

  • Off-Road.

  • Dual sport.

  • Moped.

How to Buy Motorcycles in Saudi Arabia?

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